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March 15, 2011

Telephone Recording

Telephone Recording Device The GT-TR520SC can record phone calls automatically when you’re not home.

If you require the use of a telephone recording device, there is not a shortage of options for you to choose from. Most, if not all, of the current models are digital recorders, but they have differing ways of being applied to your phone system, and have various options from model to model.

If you are handy, and would like to save some money, you can create your own telephone recording device, but you may not get the clarity or quality that you would get from a device that is created solely for that purpose. A homemade recorder can consist of simply holding a tape recorder up to the telephone while it is on speaker phone, or to get a better recording, you may also have the option of running an audio output from your phone to a stereo system with a recording option built right into it.

For more professional quality recordings, you may purchase equipment that will more adequately suit your needs. There are devices that range from hand held models, to permanent, fixed equipment that is not as portable.

Many models connect directly to  your phone and have the capability of keeping record of inbound and outbound calls at your command. Some can even be programmed to record every call that is made, every time the receiver is picked up. These models are mostly used for land lines, and for phones that are staying in one non-mobile location.

If you are on the move and need to be able to record from your cell phone, there are models for that as well. You can either go with a blue tooth recorder, or there are small corded devices that will plug into the headphone jack output on your cell phone. These devices can range in price all the way from $20 dollars up to $250 dollars or more. You certainly get what you pay for when purchasing a telephone recording device, but if it is something that you are rarely going to use, probably a more economic model will suit your needs.

Also available is computer software that you can use to record phone calls. By running your phone line into your computer, or by using an Internet telephone, you can make use of some software that is full of various recording options. This allows you to have a date and time stamp on each recording, take notes that will be associated with each recording, and most systems support caller id options as well.

Anytime you are using a telephone recording device, you will want to be sure that you are in compliance of all state and federal regulations. Most of the time, it is not legal to record a third party conversation without their consent, or without making them aware that you are recording. Many recording models have the capability of announcing that the phone call will be recorded before initiating a conversation with the other person. Be aware of what your local ordinances are, and do not deviate from them.

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